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O-Sha Thai - Japanese Cuisine

Ethnic Cuisine Traditional With Styles.

  • I've known one of the Chefs, Sooki,  for years from Nantucket. Not only is he an amazing chef, he's one of the nicest and kindest gentleman, as well as the most honest and hard-working individuals I've ever met.  His food is beyond....we've had him cook  for us in our home, ate his food in the restaurant, and it is always consistent   and fabulous!...
    Diane Z..
    New York, NY

  • Cannot recommend enough! Great service and amazing food! We even received a free appetizer before our meal.
    We were hesitant to come here because it was not very busy, we were the only people in the place during dinner time.
    I am sure glad I that i stopped by though!
    Matt N.
    Long Beach,CA

  • I love this place. Service is nice, price is right, sushi is great, Thai is good as far as Boston goes. Volcano Roll all day, man.
    Also, ordering the Pad Thai with extra sauce, medium spice makes is 10x better.
    Rich D.
    Watertown, MA