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O-Sha Thai - Japanese Cuisine

Ethnic Cuisine Traditional With Styles.

  • I love this place. Service is nice, price is right, sushi is great, Thai is good as far as Boston goes. Volcano Roll all day, man.
    Also, ordering the Pad Thai with extra sauce, medium spice makes is 10x better.
    Rich D.
    Watertown, MA

  • Best Thai around Watertown! I only wish the Thai menu was bigger.
    The Pad Thai is great and the Pad Thai with egg noodles is awesome.
    The spring rolls were very nice as well.
    The staff is nice and fast and the food is great. I'm so happy they are here.
    Sergio P.
    Oakland, CA

  • Yeah, 5 stars. They said it would take 45 minutes prime time on a Friday night and they were right on the money. The food is excellent! Volcano Maki was right on! This was a lot better than I thought it would be, fish and scallops are fresh, excelling spicy mayo, I got it and it was still warm. Chicken Pad Thai is the best I have ever had, definitely get the extra peanut sauce. On thing, I only got one packet of soy sauce, I could have used two but I'm not going to ding them a star for that plus I had some in the fridge. I wish I had discovered this place sooner.
    Mike D.
    San Diego, CA